May 6, 2013

So.. We've recently been thinking how horrible we've been at having FHE since being married. Since every night is hanging out with each other, we haven't really felt the need to have a designated family night.

We've recently been reading a book called visions of glory, and among many things it's helped us realign priorities in our marriage. So, this morning when we were getting ready, we discussed some options for what to do for FHE, thinking we were so super grown up and mature (at least I did, because I'm the boring accountant in the relationship). Needless to say, Dal's idea won, and I just had to share the recipe for one of my favorite family home evenings ever!

1. Start with an open space. Any happy little space.

2. Gather every possible pillow in your home. Ya, it might suck putting them back after, but trust me it'll be worth it.

3. Once you've got a pillow foundation, next step is to get adequate roofing on your oh-so-awesome fort. We had a stretchy blanket that worked perfectly without having clips, etc to keep it up (thank heavens for IKEA).

4. You may think I skipped a step by not having the blankets laid over the foundation of pillows referenced in #2 before gettin your roof squared away. No way, Jose, the blankets are WAY more funnerer (spelling intentional) to set out when you already have your roof in place.

5. Make sure you have ample beverages and snacks for movie of your choice. For us? Mushu, Crickee, and Fa Mulan graced the silver screen. But movies don't have to be the main event, we considered eating dinner in our fort, but the menu for the night was a messy chicken taco (but if you haven't ever had pioneer woman's brother's chicken tacos, you MUST try them.. Link: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/03/my-brothers-chicken-tacos/. Yes they're fried, and no you cannot skip frying the tortillas. It just wouldn't be the same!) The amount of drippings meant that fort dining for the main course was not in the cards.

We ended up reading, watching movies, having late night snacks, and just chatting in our rocking fort. Dal has officially earned the eternal position of FHE activity coordinator for this one. There's just something about giving a little salute to your five year old self with your best friend twenty years later. Though let's be honest, how are we ever going to top this next Monday??


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